• Parking: Will be at the top before the finish line.  

  • Registration: Is by the finish line. 

  • Starting Line: From the summit, is near King’s Gap Hollow.  If you find a residential driveway, you have gone too far.  There will also be a canopy at the starting line. 

  • Strava Segment: Search Deborah Barisch Memorial Kings Gap TT

  • Restrooms: Across the field from the finish line in the large building. 

  • Jackets: You will be able to wear a jacket down the hill after check-in/registration.  The starting line volunteers will transport your jackets back up to the summit at the end of the event. 

  • Course Marshalls: They will be strategically placed on the course in turns.  In the event of a mechanical/medical emergency please remove yourself and bicycle from the course to get assistance. The Course Marshalls are there for your safety, please obey them. 

  • Race Numbers: Go on the LEFT side.